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As a social media advocate, sales professional, and a consumer, I have always seen the benefits of truly listening to customers. As sales people at all levels have tried to recreate what the top executives do on the golf pitch, the out come for more common level sales is to build lasting, loyal relationships that should take months and years to build, and do it in minutes, hours, and days…

Sales by its very nature makes sales professionals perfect engagers in social media so its no surprise that for businesses successfully using cross functional social media engagement, the Sales Department usually offers the best return, Support and Product Management the best savings, and Human Resources both savings and a quality return.

And there you have it, the golden rules for sales and for social media in two paragraphs…IF IT WAS ONLY THAT SIMPLE 😉

My Name is William Stewart but most people call me Billy, and it is my sincerest hope to continue to learn, ‘in life in general’ but more specifically further into my passion of social media. I would also like to contribute back and add to the growing evolution of the social web.

I have over 7 years experience in sales, and sales management, but like most people I have dabbled in a lot of things from web design, HTML and graphics, to D.I.Y. engineering and construction.  If you asked my closest friends to describe me in one word it would probably be profanity just because those are the kind of friends I have, I would like to think however “Passionate” and “Driven” would come to their minds. If I could choose how other people would describe me, I would say ” a brilliant mind in plain English” well South African but close enough 😉


If you want to know more about me, feel free to drop me a message, leave a post or look at my Xeeme… My XeeMe will take you through to all my social spaces and let you get a glimpse into the real me.


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